Toronto Independent Festival of Cift

Toronto Independent Festival of Cift is a seasonal celebration of the best of short and long feature films in contemporary cinema. The festival aims to bring the most acclaimed Internationally produced short and long films of the year to Toronto’s screens in an effort to present a comprehensive cross-section of talents and showcase the depth and diversity of cinema.

The Festival

The Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT, recognized by IMDb, was established in Toronto in 2015. In a short span, it has grown into a prominent international festival in Toronto, attracting over 10,000 patrons annually. Former Toronto Mayor John Tory inaugurated the festival in previous years, and it garnered coverage from prominent Canadian news outlets, including Globe and Mail and CBC.
The ninth edition of the festival introduces a hybrid seasonal structure for its film competition. In the initial round, our jury selects the winners of each season through private screenings. All winning projects have the opportunity to request an online screening. If chosen by the programming team, these winners may also be considered for the physical competition, where they will be showcased and compete with other film winners at the live event.