Toronto Independent Festival of Cift

Toronto Independent Festival of Cift is a seasonal celebration of the best of short and long feature films in contemporary cinema. The festival aims to bring the most acclaimed Internationally produced short and long films of the year to Toronto’s screens in an effort to present a comprehensive cross-section of talents and showcase the depth and diversity of cinema.

The Festival

Our festival exhibits the most prominent filmmakers and cinematic movements and selects from a wide range of genres and modes. The inaugural edition was held in November 2015. The future editions will be adopted to the new realities of our social with more significant digital presence. We shall continue our efforts by adjusting to the new paradigms of film industry and the more challenging requirements of the digital presence.
With this in mind, the festival has both a physical and online structure; on the first of every season, our jury selects the winners of each category through private screenings. The winners of each season will be then considered for the online screening ; few of the winners will be considered for the physical event.